Andy Wiggins has taken responsibility for driving the practice to the forefront of architectural BIM development, as well as advising a number of external clients. He is also actively engaged at a project level, on a number of major schemes at any one time.

We pride ourselves on our ability to work within a BIM process, offering expertise and advice on many different aspects. As part of our BIM process we are fully able to engage in projects where BIM Level 02 is the requirement. 

Even when BIM is not a specific requirement, we often advise our clients that it would be beneficial to work in 3D, due to the massive gains over a completely 2D process. This allows us to react to change quickly and efficiently, and also deliver projects on time and to budget.

We have made a long term commitment to BIM, in terms of software and training, and 90% of our technical staff are now Autodesk Revit Certified Professionals.