We are seen as market leaders in Special Educational Needs with a portfolio of over 40 innovative schemes, many award winning, from which we have selected the three highlighted examples. Current initiatives include:


We have designed some of the most innovative and inclusive models to be found in the UK. One example is our Gillingstool & New Siblands scheme in Thornbury, Gloucestershire, where both mainstream and SEN Primary are housed within a single inclusive building, which allows inclusion to be introduced slowly over a period of years. 

Conference Speaking

We regularly present our specialist knowledge and insights in designing special educational need facilities at conferences and other events. Highlights include EBDOG, BCSE and the DfE BB102 roadshow.

Building Bulletin 102

We contributed to both the BB102 and the Priority School Briefing documents for Special Schools, working directly for the Department for Education and the Education Funding Agency respectively. We continue to assist the DfE on in this specialist area on an ‘as needs’ basis.

Bettridge School

The scheme takes best advantage of the exterior spaces and orientation to ensure that the interiors are naturally lit, ventilated and airy. The exterior of the school clearly identifies through its form, the purpose and agenda of the various parts of the school whilst also ensuring a safe learning environment for pupils.

Forest Way

The design of Forest Way sought to integrate the school with the topography, embracing the surroundings and drawing the woodland landscape into the project wherever possible. Nature, natural materials and, indeed, sustainability have all been principal considerations in the development of the scheme.

Gillingstool & New Siblands

Gillingstool and New Siblands School houses two schools under one roof. The school caters for special needs and a 210 place primary school also.

The Avenue School

The design of the Avenue School needed to minimize circulation so that lost curriculum time is kept to a minimum which was a significant issue in Special Schools.

Daventry Special Academy

The site, particularly the locations of high quality trees, suggested the western third became parking and access road, and the eastern two thirds be used for the building and play space.